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Parliamentary Expenses (30 May, 2009)
 Liberal Democrats have consistently supported open government
 Attempts by Conservative and Labour MPs to give themselves protection against the Freedom of Act
 Attempts to strengthen FOI laws
 Support for toughening up expenses regime
 Nick Cleggs proposals on expenses
 It has got beyond the party leaders
 I believe it is my public duty to go by bus
 Don’t punish local councillors for the misbehaviour at Westminster
Parking around Alton College (30th May, 2009)
Traffic management
 What has happened to the Residents Parking Scheme for Alton? (30th May, 2009)
 Closing the Market Square to cars
Hampshire Liberal Democrats proposed a one-year freeze in County Council Tax (27th May, 2009)
 The Lib Dem Budget Proposals
 Is there a four-year cycle in Hampshires council tax?
 How much should we keep in reserves?
 Earmarked reserves
 There is no right answer
 Which reserve should it come from?
 Ken has seen the light
 Calculating the cost of freezin g council tax in Hampshire County Council (27th May, 2009)
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