Purpose of the website

This web site is designed to give more detail than we can fit in one of our Focus leaflets and to give a quicker response time if questions are raised during the campaign.

The latest articles come first.

Why read this?

You may wonder why my view of the campaign should be worth reading. Why should a retired scientist who has spent most of his life studying biological systems have anything special to say about about the finances of a large County Council, or anything else that crops up.

Firstly, I am the elected representative of 13,000 voters. They would expect me to be heard.

Secondly, I am reasonably numerate, having spent most of my working life analysing or modelling complex biological systems.

Thirdly, I had the extraordinary privilege of being appointed as chairman of the board in two NHS trusts (over a total of eight years). The turnover of the second Trust rose to over 200 million per year. As chairman of the board I was responsible for every aspect of the performance and management of the trust. The NHS does not hand that sort of responsibility out without appropriate training. Most of all, you get very thorough briefings from talented Chief Execs who make sure you see the whole picture before making a decision.