Recent Focus Leaflets


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Spring Focus

Focus, Spring 2009 (very slow download: 13.5 MB) The main story is the petition against charging for use of the car parks on Sunday.

Another article deals with the appointment of ‘Lead Councillors’. Since all members are elected to represent a particular area, it is a total nonsense to try to give that responsibility to some other councillor from a different party. The voters have elected five Liberal Democrats to represent them in five of the 6.5 wards in Alton Town. But the Leader of the District has said: “Wrong answer!!! You will now be represented by the single Conservative thagt I will appoint. This ‘Lead Councillor’ will be a Conservative with very little experience as a Councillor, while four of the five Liberal Democrats have been Mayor of the Town. I put it to the Leader of the District Council once more: Several thousand of the residents of Alton have voted to elect representatives of their choice to represent them. In a democracy they expect that they will be represented by the people they elected.

What part of this does the leader not understand? Is it voting: putting a cross on a ballot paper? Is it counting the votes? Is it declaring the result so everyone knows? Or is it the idea that when voters decide who should represent them, then he must not interfere.

If the voters in a ward vote for one person, then no one in any democracy in the world has a right to override that choice.

The cabinet system was imposed on local government in England, by the Labour government, and is very much disliked. But, to make the best of a bad job, the Liberal Democrats believe every local member should be “Cabinet member for that ward. They should be chief spokesman for the ward, and the first person the cabinet listens to.

Calendars and phone numbers

Calendar for 2009, with usefull phone numbers (quick download: 5 MB) We regularly print a calendar on yellow card with a set of useful numbers on the back, including councillors. Many residents find it helpful to keep them by the phone. If you have mislaid yours, or if you want another just click here to email Tony Ludlow.

Residents’ survey

We circulated a survey to residents of Alton (Download slow: 22.5 MB) Clicking the link above will take you to the survey and, in a day or two, we will post the results. The survey was not circulated in Holybourne because a similar survey was run during the by-election last October.

Focus on Tony Ludlow

The main Focus of the campaign is Focus on Tony Ludlow (Slow download: 48 MB), Liberal Democrat candidate for Alton Town on Hampshire County Council. Note this a huge file (47 Mbytes.

Special delivery to postal voters

Many of the postal voters received a special mailing so that they had the information needed when they came to mark their cross. This consisted of the postal voters’ letter (Quick download: 0.0MB) is shown by clicking the link above.

There was also a Focus designed to complement the letter: A4 Focus which builds on the theme of a listening council (Quick download: 0.3 MB).

Horror stories from Westminster

Television, radio and the papers give an unending story of MPs making the rules fit their personal greed, instead of setting rules that support our need.

In a canvassing leaflet (Quick download: 0.3 MB) delivered as we canvassed, I distributed an invitation to visit my website for further details.

The evidence shows quite cleary that:

  1. Liberal Democrats wanted dramatic changes to the system of paying MPs’ expenses.
  2. When changes were proposed, both Labour and Tory MPs tried to get them blunted so that MPs would be exempt. Liberal Democrats opposed these changes because they believe in open government.
  3. When the present storm blew up, Nick Clegg was the first to produce proosals and his went further than those of Brown or Cameron.

But we are now far beyond the point that either of these two party leaders are relevant. Macho ‘leadership’ by David Cameron is simply too late. We do not leave it to individual war-lords to discipline their troops. We need agreed standards of conduct and agreed procedures for the payment of expenses and agreed proceedures for trial, whenever the need arises.