Traffic management

What has happened to the Residents Parking Scheme for Alton? (30th May, 2009)

Progress on tne Resident’s parking scheme has been dismal over the last year. The small team that was working on it had a vacancy that has proved very difficult to fill. There were no applicants from suitably qualified or trained people. They have now made an appointment. The successful applicant will need some on-the-job training and it will be a little whileb before he is fully up to speed.

Even with the small team they had been able to make some progress and Mandy assures me that they will be going out to public consultation as soon as possible.

I will keep you informed.

Closing the Market Square to cars

When we decided to allow tables and chairs in the Market Square, it was obvious that we would have to close the square to cars.

The problem is that children tend to get bored when their parents go on eating and talking. So the children “get down” and run around between tables and other diners. If we allowed cars into the game, it would soon be a disaster waiting to happen.

So, from 1st of June, the square is closed to cars and there are new signs. However, it will take a little time for drivers to notice that the signs are new ad we shall all have to be vigilent.