Supplementary Information

About Tony Ludlow

Tony is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Alton Town Division of Hampshire County Council, in the County Council elections on 4th June, 2009.

He has been a County Councillor for eight years and a Distict Councillor for fifteen.

Professionaly he is a biologist spending over 30 years in research.

During that time he did more and more statistical analysis and modelling working first at Imperial College on behaviour and nervous systems.

Later he moved to the Research Division of the Forestry Commission, as head of modelling. Here he worked on the likely effect of climate change on forest growth.

He became head of statistics and computing at the Forestry Commission and took early retirement in 1996.

Tony has spent eight of the intervening years as chairman of the Loddon NHS Trust and later as chairman of the North Hampshire Primary Care Trust with an annual budget rising to 200 million per year. As chairman he was responsible for all aspects of management and performance of each Trust.

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