The narative has few dates, so the following key dates may help the reader.

Nelson Ludlow was born in Dublin on 12th April 1904 and died on 28th August 1998, aged 96.

He reached Nigeria in 1929 and Dr Joyce Woods arrived there in 1931. They married in 1933 and worked together in Nigeria until 1953. Nelson continued as a Methodist Minister in England until his retirement in 1967.

Extract from A Registry of Irish Methodist Ministers compiled by Robin P. Roddie, archivist of the Wesley Historical Society (Ireland)

. Richard Nelson LUDLOW
1924Coleraine (Bushmills) 1
1925Dungannon 1
1926MCB Theological Hall (Edgehill) 3
1929WA, Nigeria 2
1931Africa, Nigeria (Ibadan) FC 1
1932Africa, Nigeria (Ilesha) 5
1937Western Nigeria (Ilesha) 8
1945W Nigeria (Ilesha) On Furlough 1
1946W Nigeria (Ilesha) 2
1948W Nigeria (Ilorin) 4
1952W Nigeria Dt, On Furlough 1
1953South Devon Mission1 3
1956Margate 7
1963Kent Mission (Ashford (Kent) ’66) 5
1968Margate (Birchington) Sup 17
1985Bournemouth (Poole, Dorset) Sup

b. Dublin 12 April 1904 son of David Ludlow (4..3.1854) and Isabella nee Hall (28.9.1865), br of D Hall Ludlow (qv) and Elsie Maud, MBE, SRN, MMS Medical Missionary in Africa for 32 years.

em ex Coleraine aet 201/6

m. Brockley, London, 12 Apr 1933, Joyce Rewcastle Woods, MB, BS, FRCS on the medical staff of Ilesha Hospital, Nigeria (she b. 24.7.1905 Sidcup, Kent). She was awarded the MBE in 1952 in recognition of her medical work in Nigeria.

Issue: Peter Woods b. London, 20.8.68 MA (Oxon) MA (Cantab) Founder Director of Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels m. 18.4.64 Margate, Carole Elizabeth Barfoot (b. 23.12.41), BA; and have children, Piers 29.8.68, Rachel 9.12.69, Ivan 9.11.72 (opera singer); Anthony Richard b. Lagos, 28.12.43, BSc, PhD m. Elizabeth Atkinson, BSc and have children, Frederick b. 24.12.82 and Alice b. 26.2.87; Elizabeth Joyce b. Ogbomosho, Nigeria, 15.7.49, SRN, SCN, m. William Brian Dalzell FCA and have children Amanda b. 15.2.73, Kirsty b. 12.6.75.

au: Missionary work in Nigeria ICA.30 p.411; Methodist Centenary in Nigeria ICA.43.1.1 p.2; His memoirs, Partners in Pioneering, privately published, 2001, by Tony Ludlow at, viii, 214pp.

d. 28 Aug 1999. Obit Eng Mins 2000, pp. 47/8


b. born
c. spiritual conversion
d. died
m. married
mms manuscript
qv quod vide = ‘which see’ - cross reference
s. son
CD Chairman of District
FC Received into Full Connexion as a Methodist Preacher
HM Home Mission station
ICA Irish Christian Advocate (Irish Methodist weekly paper)
IM Irish Mission station
MC Methodist Church or Chapel
MCBMethodist College Belfast
OT Received On Trial as a probationary Methodist Preacher
PC Presbyterian Church
Sup Supernumerary Minister, i.e. Retired
TCD Trinity College Dublin
WC Wesleyan Chapel
WCDWesley College Dublin


Most of the places referred to in the text are too small to feature on a map of Nigeria. Roughly speaking they are all north of Lagos: Ibadan is 90 miles north; Ilesha is 180 miles north of Lagos; Imesi-Ile is 26 miles from Ilesha; Offa is 300 miles; Kaiama 400 and Bussa is 500 miles north of Lagos and is on the river Niger which is almost a mile wide with almost 1000 miles before it reaches the sea.


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Tony Ludow
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