Nelson Ludlow's autobiography;

The book can be read on-line, but that is expensive on telephone bills. As an alternative you can download a self-extracting file with all the chapters. This file will then unwind so that your normal web browser can read it exactly as you usually do.

Steps in downloading all the chapters at once: Windows 95 version

  1. Print this page for future use.
  2. Create a folder to keep the book files in. Let's assume you call the folder `rnl'.
  3. Left click here to start downloading the file `rnlbook.exe'.
  4. Your browser should know what to do next and will ask where you want to store the downloaded file. It s probably best to put it in the folder `rnl'.
  5. Go into Explorer and find the folder `rnl'.
  6. Double click on `rnlbook.exe'.
  7. A dialogue box will appear asking where you want to save the extracted files. Put them into `rnl'. There will be 25 files about 1 MB in total. If you later want to remove them all the files begin with the letters `rnl'.
  8. After the files have all expanded, then double left click on `rnlbook.html' and your browser will be called automatically so that you can start to read the book.
  9. The preface is worth reading, it gives a bit about dates and geography
  10. Good luck and, if you have problems, email me by clicking on the email address at the top of this page. I am sure we can sort something out.
My son assures me that something similar can be done with a Mac, but I don't know what. Let me know by email and I will post the instructions here.